St. Peter’s Nursery believes in providing all children with high quality early learning and childcare in a safe, caring and inclusive environment. We work together with parents and carers to help our children thrive and go on to live happy and fulfilling lives. 

Nursery Aims 

To create a safe, happy and nurturing environment where everyone is made welcome. 

To provide the best possible learning experiences for every child following local and national guidelines. 

To respect and value the contribution of parents/carers to the life of the nursery, and to support them in their role as the child’s primary educator. 

To encourage our children to care for each other, for their community and for the environment.

To promote a healthy lifestyle for children, families and staff.

To develop strong links with our local community and to work in partnership with other organisations.

To develop a caring, supportive attitude among staff and to encourage them to develop their knowledge and skills through professional development.

To provide an accessible, flexible, affordable, quality service for all our families.

For further information regarding Nursery admissions, or to come and look around our Nursery, please telephone 01952 811692 (option 2) or email